Harvey Honore Construction Co., LLC invites all investors to purchase homes and town homes in the opportunity zones that they have built homes in. All investors would be able to lease these homes out and will benefit from the tax credits. Invest by applying capital gains, and you may not have to pay any taxes for the next ten years while your property appreciates in value.

Opportunity Zone incentives were established in 2017 in order to inspire private investments in rural and low income communities in Louisiana and other states. You don’t need to live in the opportunity zone in order to take benefit from the tax credit. Simply buy a home or town home that we build, rent it out for ten years, and receive the capital gain on your investment.


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Interior Projects

Elegant and Sophisticated

This room is clearly a formal dining room meant for a large gathering. The crown molding, along with the trim around the doors and windows make for an elegant room. The red walls enhances the entire room.

Inviting and Peaceful

This stunning bedroom is not only a room to sleep, but the sitting area is inviting to enjoy a good book or a warm beverage. The bay window and the warmth of the fireplace increases the ambiance of the room.

Rustic and Picturesque

This home gives a rustic appeal to the entire home, from the cabinets, to the walls and ceiling. Anyone who appreciates a cabin feeling and an open concept would enjoy the beauty of this amazing home.